Ben Dodson

Freelance iPhone & iPad Developer
  • WallaBee - The ultimate item collection game for iPhone
  • SiriProxy + TubeUpdates = Voice powered London Underground updates
  • Is the Apple TV the world's next games console...? Yes.

I am a UK-based freelance iOS Developer and consultant with a wealth of experience with both big brands and small businesses. I have published a number of my own apps, including WallaBee which was recently named the 'Best European Gaming Startup of 2012'. My recent client work has included the Channel 4 Horse Tracker (which reached #1 in the App Store), Million Pound Drop, Nectar Card, and Expense Magic. As well as iPhone and iPad development, I also work as a PHP developer specialising in API development for iOS apps. I maintain a weblog about my work and interests and you can find out more about me, my personal projects, and my work on this site. Please feel free to contact me for more information about me or my services.

Latest Apps

  • WallaBee WallaBee is the ultimate collectibles game for your iPhone. The aim of the game is to complete sets by collecting items in a variety of ways. Each item and set is uniquely numbered so you'll need to be quick if you want to beat your friends to the lowest numbers!
  • Channel 4 Horse Tracker

    I worked with Monterosa Productions as the sole iOS developer to produce the Horse Tracker app for Channel 4. The app uses some innovative technology in order to provide a groundbreaking second screen experience on iPhone and iPad and reached #1 in the App Store charts.

Latest Posts


  • WikiLocation I spent a long time trying to find an API for geocoded Wikipedia articles before giving up and writing my own. Wikilocation is now a major API giving developers access to Wikipedia via lat/lon, Foursquare Venue, or Yahoo! WOEID.
  • Tube Updates Whilst practicing how to write screen-scrapers in PHP, I wrote a basic RSS feed that compiled all changes to the status of London Underground lines. This has now matured into a full API giving developers historical access to all London Underground status changes since January 2009.