Ben Dodson

Freelance iPhone & iPad Developer


I've written a number of my own apps for iOS in addition to the work I do for clients. Each of these apps has been designed, developed, and marketed by me. The most popular app is WallaBee which was recently named the 'Best European Startup of 2012' although my app Highlights was featured as an iPad App of the Week by Apple when it was available.

These are just the apps I have built in my own personal time. If you are considering hiring me for a project, I'd urge you to view the apps I've created for clients which will demonstrate the range of apps I've worked on.


The ultimate location-based item game

WallaBee is the ultimate collectibles game for your iPhone. The aim of the game is to complete sets by collecting beautiful digital items in a variety of ways including foraging at any of over 2 million real world locations. Each item and set is uniquely numbered so you'll need to be quick if you want to beat your friends to the lowest numbers!

This app is a culmination of 3 years of research complete with Game Center integration, In App Purchasing, and 3 full developer APIs. It was recently named the 'Best European Startup of 2012' and has been featured in numerous articles both in print and online.

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Available on the App Store


The crowd-sourced location recommendation app

Finding the best places in an area can be difficult. How do you know the best place to eat in a new town or find a really great day out for the family? Introducing Highlights, the crowd sourced recommendation app that lets you find the very best places around the world. Whether you're trying to discover the nicest bar in your town or looking to plan your next vacation, Highlights (a Univeral app for iPhone and iPad) will have you covered with its advanced recommendation engine.

Highlights uses data from popular check-in services Gowalla and Foursquare and then pushes it through our custom ranking engine to work out the very best places around the world. This isn't just the places near you sorted by most check-ins, but ranked in popularity based on data such as photographs, comments, business listings, user activity, Foursquare tips, Gowalla highlights, and other social network activity.

Highlights was featured by Apple as 'Best iPad App of the Week' in September 2011 and featured in the 'Best of 2011 Rewind' on iTunes.

Update: I've removed this app from the App Store due to the closure of Gowalla and various improvements to the 'Explore' feature of Foursquare.


Photo and location based evidence when someone uses your phone

Security! for iPhone 4 is an app designed to capture evidence of other people using your phone. It works by pretending to look like another app or your iPhone homescreen, yet when anyone touches the screen, their photo is taken (using the front-facing camera) and is automatically saved to your iPhoto library or emailed to you within seconds. With our latest update, you can also receive additional information in the alert email including a screenshot showing exactly where the screen was tapped (e.g. were they trying to look at your text messages or did they just want to play Angry Birds?)

By using the background task completion APIs present in iOS 4, a photo capture can be triggered when the user presses the home button so even if somebody tries to quit the app, it will still successfully photograph them and send you the details.

Update: I've removed this app from the App Store due to some incompatabilities with iOS 5 and improvements to the iCloud system that make finding a lost iPhone easier than ever. I'm working on a new version that is optimised for iOS 7 that should be available as a free update in Spring 2014.

Wallabee: Travel Edition

The best Gowalla experience when you're travelling

Wallabee Travel Edition allows you to save costs on data usage by using around 95% less data than the official Gowalla app. It works by syncing your Gowalla account information with Wallabee who then make the calls from their server on your behalf - this leads to far smaller and faster checkins.

There is also the ability to add multiple Gowalla accounts allowing you to check into several places at once for extra data savings - this is particularly useful if you are travelling with friends and all want to check in at the same time. An advanced search system that allows you to narrow spots down by specific categories, keywords, bookmarks, popular, featured, or a combination! Finally, a built-in item finder will show you the location of any items that you don't have vaulted.

Update: I've removed this app from the App Store due to the closure of Gowalla.

Magnetic Flux & Metal Detector

Detect metal with the compass in your iPhone

The Magnetic Flux & Metal Detector was one of the first iPhone apps I built and demonstrates how you can use a compass in an iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 to detect metal and magnetic flux. Once you've enabled Location Services, you can start detecting metal. A scale (similar to a real metal detector) is played depending on the amount of metal detected and the phone will vibrate if it receives more than an 80% reading.

As demonstrated in the video above, by employing some magnets, you can turn the app into a theramin thanks to the musical scale included. First person to play the Doctor Who theme successfully wins!