Ben Dodson

Freelance iOS, macOS, Apple Watch, and Apple TV Developer

Firefox extensions updated for Beta 3 compatibility

I've spent some time updating my firefox extensions so that all of them work with Firefox 3 Beta 3. At present they can only be downloaded from this site as it takes the Mozilla Addons team a few days to approve updates. My extensions page is now back up and running though and contains details on all 3 of my Firefox Extensions (Font Finder, Stop! Hammertime!, and STOP in the name of love) as well as download links for the new releases.

I won't be making any further updates to the stop buttons (apart from making them work with future version of Firefox) but I will be continuing development on Font Finder which could benefit from a visual overhaul as well as a clipboard function! I'll be updating on here when it happens so sign up to the RSS feed for the latest news!

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