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Website upgrades finally completed

Some of the more regular visitors amongst you may have noticed that for the past month or so, has been in a mild state of flux - I'm happy to say that everything is now completed and working fully!

I hurried the uploading of the new design as I had some spare time at Mashed and thought it would be a good idea to get the new site up and running in any state. Then, the knowledge that my site might not be working would spur me on to fixing it. A good theory, but apparently not good in practice.

There were several bugs in IE6 (there always are), the site was taking too long to load, and the contact form didn't work at all.

But now, the site has been optimised to a grade A level (according to YSlow), the IE6 bugs have been fixed, and email now works from my server so the contact form is working again!

I'll be continuing to make little tweaks and upgrades here and there, but I'll also be returning to the blogging scene and keeping the site regularly updated with various development news. As a taster, I have recently been playing with a new iPhone 3G, fire eagle, a montage making script that uses flickr, and Google Optimizer (although not all at the same time) so stay tuned!

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