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Kampyle - An easy way to get web user feedback

Kampyle is an easy to set-up javascript widget that gives users the opportunity to comment on your site either for the purposes of a bug report or simply to say "you have a nice site". On clicking the feedback icon, a new window opens that gives the user various different options on how to comment on the site. The default options are Bug, Site Content, Suggestion, Compliment, and Other. Each of these has several sub-options such as "browser issues" or "feature request" which are all completely customisable by the website owner. The user can then fill in a bit of text to describe the problem or suggestion, etc, and can choose from 5 different emoticons to say how they feel about the website in general. All of this information is then logged in your account at the Kampyle website for you to look over at your leisure - they can also email daily reports to you so that you can stay on top of all your adoring fans or pissed off IE6 users.

I've installed Kampyle on my site (using a custom icon as their default choices are pretty bad - animated gif anyone?) and I've already had quite a few pieces of feedback. The great thing is that I've been able to fix a few bugs people have alerted me to and then have Kampyle email them back to let them know that the issue has been resolved.

Kampyle is pretty good as it is, but the thing that is putting Kampyle on the map is their recent integration with Google Analytics which means you can see all of your feedback stats within your Google Analytics account. The way they have done this is particularly clever - You need to download the Grease Monkey Firefox Extension and install the Kampyle Grease Monkey script, but then when you go to your Google Analytics account you'll see the Kampyle stats showing up in their own dashboard widgets. Pretty clever really. This was a major incentive for me as it means I can now see all of my stats in one place rather than having multiple accounts across the internet.

So, if you'd like to leave any feedback on the site just click on the "Leave Feedback" banner in the bottom right hand corner!

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