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Highlights v1.1 - Gowalla Trips, Events, and Translations

If you've been following my blog or twitter feed, you'll know about my iOS app "Highlights" that lets you find interesting places around the world based on data from Gowalla and Foursquare. The app is doing phenomenally well in the UK becoming the #1 paid iPad travel app and reaching the top 20 of all paid iPad apps! I'm happy to announce that version 1.1 is now available as a free upgrade on the App Store and has a number of great new features.

  • Events - When looking at a theatre, park, or music venue, Highlights will show you the upcoming events and let you tap through to to find out more and list yourself as attending.
  • Gowalla Trips - Each location can now show you every trip it has been added to on Gowalla. This isn't just the featured trips, but every single trip ever created. When you're looking at a trip, you can choose to add it to your planner with one tap making it really easy to plan a day out in a new town. Additionally, you can find trips near you via the planner and also search for trips around the world.
  • View plans on a map - In the previous version, you could see your plans on a map if you were running the app on an iPad. With version 1.1 we've bought this feature to the iPhone as well. Just look at any of your plans and you'll find a new toggle to switch between list and map.
  • Review Translation - When browsing reviews, you may come across some that aren't in English. Just double-tap the review to have it automatically translated!
  • Faster Navigation - If you find yourself jumping from location to location via the trips or nearby spots features, you may find you have to go back through lots screens to get back to the first location you were looking at. You can now just hold down your finger on a back button anywhere in the app to be taken back to the first screen.
  • Report a Problem - Sometimes mistakes are made and old or incorrect data is pulled down through Foursquare or Gowalla. You can now tap a "Report a Problem" button on any location page to have it automatically flagged for us to fix it.

In addition, there are various speed improvements and bug fixes (including an issue with the iPad app not showing all of the screens in certain situations) - there is also the option to send a crash report anonymously in the unlikely event that the app crashes.

Thanks to everybody who has downloaded the app so far. If you enjoy this update, please leave a review on iTunes. If you run into any problems, please email me via before leaving a negative review as I'm unable to respond to reviews on iTunes.

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