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A couple of weeks ago, I saw an advert in GQ which caught my eye; the nation’s first “Dryathlon”. Created by Cancer Research UK, the idea is to give up alcohol for the month of January in order to raise money to help beat cancer.

I’ve lost several family and friends to cancer so I decided to accept the challenge and give up all drinking in January. As many of you will know, I enjoy the odd bottle or three of red wine; by using the calculator on their website, it turns out that I spend around £198 per month on alcohol so I’ll be donating that amount to the fund at the end of the month.

In addition, I’ve made Simon and Alan at WallaBee join in and we’ve had a custom item designed that can only be obtained by making a donation. The item will be available on a donation-only basis for 2 weeks or until we hit our team target of £1000. After that point, it will be available in our Store for 10,000hc until the end of January; for every one of those items purchased, we’ll be donating an extra £1.

My personal target is to raise £500 for Cancer Research so, if you are able to, please consider making a donation. I’ll buy you a drink in February…

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