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iTunes Artwork Finder

When I first got my Apple TV, the main issue I had was that my artwork looked crappy for some of the TV shows I’d downloaded from places other than iTunes. I’d been using a combination of Google Image Search and screenshotting and cropping the iTunes Store to get artwork and it looked awful on a big TV. To solve that, I wrote a small script to fetch TV Show artwork from the iTunes Search API. They only display 100px artwork but with some URL fudgery I was able to get 600x600px artwork.

The project became a lot more popular than I imagined and I was soon inundated with requests to add new features such as searching across international iTunes stores and adding movie artwork. More recently, I’ve been asked to add iBooks artwork.

I had a bit of spare time this morning so I’ve updated the project page and added a fair few new features.

  • Media Types - I’ve extended the iTunes Artwork Finder to now work with not only TV Shows and Movies, but also iBooks, Apps, and Music Albums.

  • Resolution - I discovered that I was able to get higher than 600x600px artwork in some instances. Movies can be upto 1800x2400px and I’ve seen some TV shows at 2400x2400px. Apps will always be at 512px square or 1024px square depending on when the app was released or last updated. iBooks, Movies, and Music Albums are a bit problematic as licensing issues often prevent the high resolution artwork being made visible. I’ve left the link there as it does work with some (seems to depend on the studio) but there is a caveat listeed as I don’t expect you’ll get good results.

  • Countries - There are now 5 iTunes Stores that can be searched across; UK, US, Germany, Sweden, and the Netherlands. If you want your country added, just get in touch.

I’m pretty pleased with the update, particularly now that I’ve managed to get album covers and iBooks worked out (and I think the app icon search could be useful). Give it a try and let me know how you get on!

Try out the iTunes Artwork Finder

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