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‘No results found’ on iTunes Artwork Finder

My iTunes Artwork Finder has proven very popular over the last couple of years. The issue with popularity is that the amount of correspondence increases. In the past two years, the top requests via email have been:

  1. Support for a specific country
  2. Asking for artwork of a specific show or film

I fixed the first a little while ago by automatically listing all of the iTunes countries but the second continues to be a constant issue in my inbox.

The way the finder works is to use the iTunes Search API to find the item you are interested in and then retrieve the artwork. This basically means that if the item isn’t on iTunes1, this tool won’t find the artwork for you. If you email me asking for a specific show or movie cover, I can’t help you.2

To try and limit the amount of email I get like this, I put in a disclaimer on the website. This got buried at the bottom of the page when I had a redesign so now I’ve added a note within the results.

"No results found" on iTunes Artwork Finder

Hopefully that should work!

  1. It might that a film hasn’t been released yet, the TV show is only on Netflix, or there is some other reason why iTunes doesn’t stock the film, show, or album you are looking for. ↩︎

  2. I will generally use Subler or Google Image Search if the iTunes Artwork Finder comes up blank. ↩︎

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