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Brapp, the rap app

I’m happy to announce that an iPhone app I’ve been working on since March this year has gone live in the App Store; Brapp.

Brapp is a free and easy way to create and discover exciting musical collaborations all over the world. Producers can share their beats allowing anyone to make mini music videos right on their phone. When you choose a beat and hit record, the camera starts rolling and the custom studio technology balances your audio (be it singing, rapping, or playing an instrument) onto the beat ready for you to add video filters and share with the world.

I was the sole iOS developer on the project and worked closely with the app creator1 and his API developer to bring it all to life. I was able to write the app in Swift and use AutoLayout to make sure everything scales beautifully on all 4 sizes of iPhone from the 3.5” iPhone 4S upto the 5.5” iPhone 6S Plus. In addition, I made use of GPUImage for the custom video filters and a whole load of low-level audio APIs to get the audio balance just right as well as real time waveforms and switching between external microphones. The design went through a number of iterations, each better than the last, and I was able to use my extensive UX knowledge to help shape the end result.

This was a great project to work on with a load of interesting technologies plus I got to lay down some sick beats2. You can check out Brapp on the App Store (it’s free) or learn more on the official website.

  1. These were great guys to work with. During a Slack conversation, they made the mistake of saying “Yes @bendodson, that is right” to which I said “I want that on a t-shirt”. A couple weeks later, this arrived in the post… ↩︎

  2. Thankfully all now removed. ↩︎

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