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Munchkin Report

I’m very pleased to announce that another client app I developed recently has gone live in the App Store; Munchkin Report for iPhone.

Munchkin Report is an online service that helps you track your child’s moments, big and small. From her first steps to yesterday’s nap schedule, Munchkin Report captures memories, keeps parents and caregivers in-sync, and helps you make informed decisions.

It was a real pleasure to work on this app as I was able to work in an incredibly efficient way. The client provided me with a complete API (including full documentation1) and some static wireframes; I was then left to my own devices for a couple of weeks and given creative freedom to build my own design and tweak the UX as I saw fit. In the end I settled on an iOS 7 style minimal design which puts the important information up front and uses bold colours for UI controls.

The design is optimised for all four sizes of iPhone from the tiny iPhone 4s to the massive iPhone 6s Plus. It was written in Swift 2.1 and runs on iOS 9.0 and greater.

I had just received my iPhone 6s when I started the project so as a little extra2 I added 3D touch quick actions so you can quickly get to the log actions from the home screen. There is also “Peek and Pop” integration throughout.

I’m really pleased with the way this app turned out and I think it’ll be a great resource for childcarers and parents. Munchkin Report is free but does require an account from (free trials are available). You can download Munchkin Report from the App Store or learn more on their website.

  1. You’d be surprised how rare that is! ↩︎

  2. One of the main reasons I do client work is so I can experiment with new APIs I wouldn’t necessarily use if I was just doing my own apps. I often add features for free to client apps to give me a bit more experience using a certain framework. ↩︎

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