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In 2006 I spent a fair amount of time playing around with writing extensions for Firefox. Since then, I've written a few more and also written extensions for Safari 5 and Google Chrome. These vary from extensions to help identify fonts to those that replace your 'stop' button with MC Hammer (downloaded over a ¼ million times and I was sued by Hammerman himself - bonus!)

Font Finder

Font Finder Last updated: June 2011

Font Finder is designed for any web developer / designer that needs to find out the CSS information of any text on the page.

Simply highlight any text element, right-click, and choose font finder. An alert box will appear with all of the styling information you could require including font-size, font-family, color (in both hex and RGB), line-height, letter-spacing, and much more! In addition, you are not told only the CSS font stack, but exactly which font from the stack is currently being rendered.

I'll be updating this extension in the future to incorporate a lot more typographical information, particularly around the new CSS 3 properties.

Font Finder is available for Firefox, Safari 5, and Chrome and has been downloaded over 350,000 times! If you are a developer, you can fork this project on GitHub.

STOP! Hammertime!

STOP! Hammertime! Last updated: April 2010

The Stop! Hammertime! Firefox extension has been downloaded over a ¼ million times times since its public release and has earned cult status with mentions on blogs all over the world as well as wikipedia entries! I was also sued by MC Hammer’s record label but the extension lives on!

The extension replaces the stop button so that when pressed, the immortal words of MC Hammer are uttered – “Stop! Hammertime!”.

Recent updates have meant smaller download sizes as well as an option to choose between the standard stop button or the MC Hammer button (pictured).

To find out more and download Stop! Hammertime! for Firefox, please visit the Mozilla Addons site. Alternatively, you can download version 2.1d that introduces full Firefox 3.6 compatibility. If you are a developer, you can fork this project on GitHub.

STOP in the name of love!

STOP in the name of love! Last updated: April 2010

Following on from the success of Stop! Hammertime!, STOP in the name of love! is another stop button replacement for Firefox that allows you to replace the stop button with the heart icon pictured.

When pressed, Diana Ross and The Supremes will sing “Stop, in the name of love” for your listening pleasure.

The latest version (only available on this website at the moment) has an easier installation, smaller download size, and the ability to switch between the regular stop button and the heart shaped icon!

If you would like to download STOP in the name of love! for Firefox, then please visit the Mozilla Addons site. Alternatively, you can download version 2.0b that introduces full Firefox 3.5 compatibility.

Wallabee Time Agent Last updated: December 2010

The problem with Location Services at the moment is that they are only interested in the physical location of a spot. I believe the temporal location of a spot is just as important which is why I've started work on Wallabee: Time Travel Edition. The goal is to add time-based data to the most important spots on Gowalla so that you can filter away some of the rubbish of the 21st Century and start exploring the world. With the Time Travel Edition app, you'll be able to scrub back and forth through time so you can see the spots that matter. For the casual Gowalla player, Time Travel Edition will allow you to check-in at places that still exist in the world today removing the endless lists of places that have long since closed or moved premises.

In order to do that, time data first of all needs to be added to the most interesting Gowalla spots. That's why I created this Safari 5 extension which will automatically detect when you are on a spot page on and allow you to enter time data. Just look for the "Wallabee Time Agent" box underneath the map in the right hand sidebar.

Update: I have removed this extension as "Wallabee: Time Travel Edition" is currently on hold.