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I’m happy to announce that an app I worked on earlier this year has finally gone live on the App Store; IslandBreak.

IslandBreak for iPhone

IslandBreak is a smart travel guide for the Bahamas with a complete list of restaurants, bars, historical sites, hotels, beaches, and tours.

The app was interesting to work on due to the need for a completely offline experience. This wasn’t limited to just the points of interest and itineraries (which feature a huge amount of beautiful high-resolution photos) but also the map; this was a requirement so that tourists don’t have to use their data plans, particularly in an area which has very poor mobile reception1. Getting a full map of the islands complete with multiple zoom levels and the experience you expect on iOS was difficult, but works really well. In addition, I built an online CMS so that the app content can be updated remotely without going through the App Store approval process.

You can check it out by downloading from the App Store (currently priced at $0.99) or visiting

  1. I speak from experience. I’ve been to the Bahamas a few times and proposed to my wife there; we had to wait until we were back in Florida before we could share the news! ↩︎

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