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Steve Jobs introduces the iPad at Death Star briefing

I’ve been re-watching Star Wars1 this weekend in preparation for The Force Awakens and a special episode of The Divide we are recording after Christmas. When it got to the Death Star briefing sequence towards the end of A New Hope, I was reminded of an excellent video that came out after the original iPad announcement with a mashup of that sequence and Steve Jobs voiceover. I had a quick look for it and couldn’t find it as for some reason it had been removed from YouTube2. After much searching, I eventually found a copy online but I’ve extracted it and saved it here to avoid it disappearing again in the future:

I absolutely love this video and wish I knew who created it.

  1. In Machete Order, obviously (although I’m tempted to re-watch The Phantom Menace after this theory that Jar-Jar is a Sith master…) ↩︎

  2. It doesn’t look like a takedown notice so maybe the account was deleted for some other video and this disappeared along with it. ↩︎

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