Ben Dodson

Freelance iOS, macOS, Apple Watch, and Apple TV Developer

Tips for Remote Working

I was recently asked by to contribute to a feature asking several successful remote workers to share their favourite tips and tools to sustain productivity when working remotely. You can read the full article on their website but I’ve also put their questions and my answers below:

How long have you worked remotely?

Around 6 years

What does a typical day look like for you?

I’ll wake up and go and deal with my dogs first thing around 6.30am whilst getting breakfast ready for my wife. Once she has left, I’ll read and deal with any overnight emails before doing a concentrated burst of work until around 1pm. After lunch, I’ll typically go for a walk and do a bit more work before playing some video games on my PC before my wife gets home. We’ll then walk the dogs, cook some dinner, and generally watch TV. Once she falls asleep, I’ll either do some more work or play some video games depending on how busy my schedule is.

What’s the one tip or tool you’d give to anyone looking to get started remote working to keep productive?

Develop a schedule and stick to it. The hardest thing in the world is finding the motivation to start on a new project but once you’ve done 10 minutes of work you’ll be raring to go on the next 10 minutes and the next. To work remotely, you need the self-control to work when you don’t want to, the passion in your work to keep going, and the common sense to know when a 30 minute break is going to actually help rather than hinder you.

With regards to tools, I can strongly recommend Cushion as an incredible way of managing your schedule, invoices, and expenses; it’ll make sure you don’t get overbooked (a big no-no) and also help you manage your finances better.

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