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Booktrim for iPhone

I’m very pleased to announce the launch of a recent client app I developed; Booktrim.

Booktrim is a hassle-free app that allows customers to quickly browse barbershops, book a haircut, and pay right from their iPhone. I built the app in Swift and made use of AutoLayout to ensure that everything scales beautifully across the various iPhone Sizes and I worked closely with Trim Ventures’ API developer in order to ensure best practices. I was also instrumental in the design of the application and making sure that the user experience was optimised for making quick appointments on the go.

Once the app was completed, I was asked to build TRIMbook, an app for barbers which allows them to manage their appointments and availability. Once again, the app was built with Swift and I was key in both designing the UI and ensuring the API was being used efficiently. I worked closely with the Trim Ventures team to publish both apps on the App Store and also to run wider beta tests via TestFlight prior to launch.

This was an interesting project to work on and I think the end product works well. You can download Booktrim from the App Store or learn more on their website.

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