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I’m pleased to announce the release of a new client app I’ve been working on for the past few weeks: AlcoPath.

I worked on AlcoPath for Orbis Media as a freelance iOS developer. The app was designed in consultation with the the Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and features a WEKP Cognitive Assessment (incorporating 6CIT, Ataxia test, Opthalmoplegia test, and other associated risk factors) to diagnose Wernicke’s encephalopathy, a Withdrawal Assessment for Alcohol using a revised CIWA-Ar scale, and industry recommended pathways all in-line with NICE Guidance.

The app is available for free and can be used by clinical staff on both iPhone and iPad thanks to a scaling interface suitable for all device sizes. An A4-sized PDF can be generated with the personalised results of each assessment and this can be printed directly from the app. Push notifications were also integrated to inform users quickly of any updates.

In order to render the various assessment questions efficiently and accurately, I built a local PHP-based tool to input the various questions and output a JSON file that the app would then interpret to build each question and the various ways of answering be that with a toggle, multiple selection, or text entry. This prevented the need for the app to connect to an online database but also enabled me to make prompt updates should new questions need to be added or existing questions be edited in the future.

It was a great experience working with Orbis Media on this app and the feedback from clinicians has been great so far. You can download AlcoPath on the App Store and learn more about it at

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