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One of the great things about Twitter is the way it can connect you to other developers. For many years, I’ve been chatting with Lisa Dziuba and she got in touch with me last year along with her colleague Ahmed Sulaiman to tell me about a new app they were working on, Flawless, which has now officially launched.

Flawless is an absolute godsend for developers working on pixel perfect designs. It is a plugin for the iOS simulator that allows you to compare what is rendering on screen with a static image via various different modes and a slider for opacity. In this way, you can make sure that what you have built matches the image precisely. The app is a plugin for the simulator itself so you don’t need to add any extra code or frameworks to your project. It also works with static images1 so you don’t need to worry how your designs are provided be that by Sketch, Photoshop, or other2.

I’ve been lucky enough to be both a beta tester and to be interviewed by Lisa and Ahmed about my workflows to help them tweak the app. If you are an app developer that has to work to a fixed design, you should definitely check it out. Flawless is available for macOS at the bargain price of $153 and you can find out more (and get a free trial) on their website at

  1. I believe the original idea was to be integrated with Sketch but after they spoke with me and many other developers who don’t work exclusively with Sketch they decided to pivot to being an iOS simulator plugin instead. ↩︎

  2. I have one client who provides me designs via InDesign and he is also the most likely to create a GitHub issue for a dividing line being 0.5px out of alignment - love ya Niki 👊 ↩︎

  3. This has saved me so many subsequent bug follow ups that $15 is almost criminally low. ↩︎

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